Porcelain Veneers/Crowns

With 2 Full Implants Bordia Dental Associates can stabilize your dentures.

The Benefits of Denture Stabilization

Bordia Dental Associates explains that over time, as you wear your denture, you lose the bony structure that supports your soft tissues. Because your soft tissues actually makes contact with your dentures, this too will start to recede with the bone, leaving you in a constant state of adjustment, discomfort, and difficulty with everyday functions like; speaking, chewing, and especially smiling.

  • Implant supported dentures provide tremendous support and fixation so you can comfortably speak, chew, and smile.
  • They keep your upper and lower jaw bone from receding which prevents facial shape changes like the shrunken look.

Implant Supported Dentures are the perfect option for patients with dentures who do not want to go through the expense required for individual tooth implants. Bordia Dental Associates use 2 full implants to stabilize your dentures. Even patients with some bone loss can benefit from Implant Supported Dentures. In one simple procedure we can eliminate all of the discomfort of dentures, like the need for messy adhesives and constant adjustments.

There is overwhelming evidence that the stabilized lower denture will provide patients with a significantly overall treatment outcome and should be the first choice standard of care for denture wearers.